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24 June 2003
South Korean Flag

The Seoul Blog - My Name is Angus

My name is Angus. Some folks call me Anus. That's only because I'm a pain in their assus. I come from down under, that's right I'm Australian. We don't carry guns like all you Americans. Watch me now as I act like a punk. Watch as I jump on Shawn's bed when I'm drunk. Watch me try to kiss him. Watch the bed break. Oh me!oh my! I made a mistake! The owner will kill me, throw me out of this place. That's OK, I won't cry. All I have to do is tell a big lie. I'll blame it on Shawn for stealing my bed. Watch as I lie, turn all angry and red. Watch as I do my poor con man's dance. Watch the owner give me another last chance. That's it for now, but come again soon. There's plenty more stories about me - the buffoon.