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15 February 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Back to the Grind

Back to the grind yesterday. That's the worst part about vacation - going back to work. The long trek usually doesn't bother me but yesterday I found myself out of breath and my heart racing as I trudged up and down stairs and hills, etc. That's what a week and a half of lounging about will do. I left extra early, with good intentions, but still arrived just a few minutes before class. Class A was awful too. They were quiet when the class was in the morning. Now it's back to 1:00 when they're blazing with energy.

I wasn't a total bum over the break. My home workout plan was failing miserably so I actually joined the health club next door finally, paying for a three month membership. I went three days in a row and now my body feels like someone hit me all over with a baseball bat. Feels good! Huk ergh rarr! (manly grunts).

It's my plan to get back in shape for T-shirt weather. I miss my body from last summer. I always do that. I work out for 6 months, get into almost great shape and then quit going. At least I have retained a lot, though. I was skin and bones until I started lifting several years ago in Ulsan. Back then I weighed just 65 kilograms (about 140 pounds). I weighed in at 79 yesterday (175 pounds) which is perfect for my height (181 cms, or 6'0). I just need to tone up a bit.

As far as the job, I still haven't made a decision or written Bonnie back. It seems a lot of crap to put up with for a part-time job with no benefits. I'm almost sure I will be leaving. I'd like to get a full time job again with all the benefits and hopefully nearby. I'm also considering a trip overseas for awhile or possibly back home to visit my family and friends (do they still remember me?).

I don't like my job much anymore, actually. Yesterday it was all I could do to stay friendly with the spy. I could see she was aggravated that I didn't come early again and will probably inform Bonnie. The kids were good (B and C class), but they hate this book I'm forced to use. It sucks. I miss English Time. I don't even have time to do phonics now either.

So the kids half-learned how to read. Instead of continuing the process, now I'm teaching random units on such things as Rainforests and how they effect the ecosystem. Yeah, they get it - they totally understand and will retain that knowledge - right. One of the animals I was teaching about was pretty funny though. It was some kind of bird called "Cock of the Rock." Imagine a class full of little Korean kids repeating that over and over.

I finally finished the Xbox game Fable last night, though you can still play after beating the game - going around the kingdom as the Hero who conquered evil, marrying girls and sleeping with them (really - and kill them afterward, if you're so inclined!), buying houses, decorating, selling/renting them, finding treasures, fishing, digging, solving puzzles, killing monsters, etc. What a great game, even if the main quest was too short and easy.

Later I'm going to start NBA Street Volume 3 which was just released last week but already made it on Bit Torrent sites and, needless to say, onto one of my DVD-R disks. How much longer will the BT sites be able to get away with this stuff? That's just amazing - though every other day one or two get shut down after being sued by the movie industry. But those are just in the states. Anyway. for now, life is good. So many great games and movies, so little time.


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