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4 January 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - #$%@

I just wrote a long post about how nice it is not to waste my time using the computer at home anymore and about my day at work and how I ended up at this PC bang in Gangnam waiting for John to finish work. The post was great - and lenghthy. I was proud that I got everything done so quickly. Then, when I clicked on the "publish" button, Internet Explorer crashed and I lost it all.

I'll try to see how much I can retype before John shows up here.

Basically I was back to complaining about Cathy again. I'll just skip that, even though it was kind of funny, and go right to the part about the little girl who has a crush on me. Actually, my entire Class B, which is 90% girls, has a thing for me...maybe even the boys too. That class is full of the cutest kids. I wish every class could be like that. They are dead quiet but always raise their hands eagerly and speak very well. They seem to really love the class. I can't remember if I mentioned this before - how when Julie came to work with me one day, the girls were standoffish to her and downright rude - they refused to even say hi to her when I asked them to. It was sweet.

Today, another mother came in and told Cathy how much Maria likes me. That she always runs home after school and keeps talking about how funny I am and kind and handsome (she's the smartest kid in the class). Anyway, what I was saying was it surprised me how much that made me feel good. I know it's silly, but when I hear these things I feel warm and mushy. Looking back, all the teachers I had a crush on were the ones I really enjoyed learning from...and also the ones that had big boobs (that doesn't count Mr. B, my 8th grade Biology teacher).

Well, John's here. I guess I won't have time to get into how Cathy made me re-write all these stupid, corny, photocopied b/w "graduation awards" because I used a red pen to write the kids names (in Korea this is a no-no, something I totally forgot about. If you write a name in red, it means the person is marked to die). I pretty much forgave her for everything she's ever annoyed me about when she was telling me what Maria's mom said.


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