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22 December 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Julie's Shop: Fixed Shipping

The shipping prices have been fixed for the teas in Julie's store and everyone who ordered has been credited. The cart was charging $9.95 instead of $4.95 per box because I plugged in the weight figures wrong on her. She's also added some cool new letter paper. I love Korean letter paper, don't you?

We've had some interesting requests for items including "casual hanbok," Korean porn (forget it), Korean movies, thick rice cakes for ddeok bokki and some others. For some things, like the rice cakes, the cost of shipping makes it too expensive, but if you're willing to pay the actual shipping cost, Julie says she'll get whatever you want.

I like the idea of having a couple of good Korean movies available, as long as people who buy have a region free player (see, by coincidence, the post above about how I fixed my own player tonight). Almost all Korean DVDs come with English subtitles and the shipping would be reasonable. If you have never seen a Korean flick, check out The Way Home, which was released in the states. It's a tender, warmhearted movie. Read about it by clicking on the image:

For the boxed tea and, of course, the letter paper it is also reasonable considering the distance. Keep checking back for new items and suggestions are always welcome.

Sorry for the updates about her store here, but she needs to get it started somehow if it's going to work. She also wishes to thank everyone for checking it out.


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