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20 October 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - New Layout

I changed the layout a bit, including the flag. As for the homepage image - I just re-did the image that Hairy Chasms made for my blog. It's a symbolic image that some people will connect with.

In "reality," that's the dog that lived connected to that inhumanely short chain for the entire year that I lived in Nowhere-dong, the same dog that, strangely enough, appeared healthy and lived with a chicken. I miss coming home at night, after working out at the gym, and jumping over the concrete wall behind my place and hanging out with that dog, feeding her treats and petting her for awhile. I guess she probably misses me even more.

At the same time I don't miss seeing her suffer day-in and day-out. What a poor and pitiful existence. The owner came out once a day and threw chunks of leftovers at her. It took weeks of struggle before she pushed out that board and was able to see out the back just a bit. That's about as far as she could go out the front too.

Many nights I used to sit outside, in the late hours, and contemplate freeing her. I wish I did, looking back. I tried a few times, but the chain was so tightly attached, and when she realized what I was trying to do, she would get scared and retreat into her prison. Then again, thinking on it now, what would fate have broght if I did unhook the chain? Probably not a lot better. The whole affair - defintely not one of the highlights of my time in Korea.


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