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19 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Please Eat Here!

This must be one of the most degrading jobs in the service sector besides cleaning the squatters. How would you like to be the guy or girl who has to stand outside and urge people to eat at your boss's restaurant. It's not as if you're getting a commission. In fact, if you're successful you're just creating more work for yourself - more tables to clean, dishes to wash. If that was me out there, I'd be whispering to everyone, "My boss ran out of chicken so he's using the rats he caught in the kitchen last week." Either that or, "We're closing early, today. Sorry folks. Nothing to eat here, please move on."

This guy in the picture, as you can see by how far open his mouth is, was literally screaming at everybody nearby. It was so loud and annoying I felt the urge to snap his picture and make fun of him on my website. I'm not sure if he's really enthusiastic about his job, or if it's a way to vent of all that inner frustration. Anyway, it can get a little daunting walking down the street in Sinchon with all the workers outside yelling at you like this. My favorite is when you just finish a meal, walk outside, the the guy next door is yelling at you to eat more at his place.


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