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16 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Nowhere-dong Fashion

There's something wrong with this sock. It's just not as comfortable as it was a few years ago. I guess it's time for a new pair. Good thing there's a nice sock shop right up the street.

There it is, the Nowhere-dong sock shop. That little truck-store is always there on that corner. Seven days a week you can stop and pick up a 1,000 won pair of socks.

In addition to the socks, there's always a bunch of other outdoor clothing stores. It's a regular shopping mall extravaganza on the way up to the bus stop. I always wondered where those peculiar ajummas on the subway got their wardrobes. Now I know...

It's just like shopping at the Gap without having to travel to another country. Just walk up the street and you're in a trendy paradise.

Now I know one of these will look just perfect on Julie. Maybe I'll just buy the whole set. Won't she be surprised! Seriously, isn't this the worst fashion you've ever seen? What happens to people when they get older and start wearing these kind of clothes and thinking they look good. It's not only here, of course, back in America old people often dress equally as bad. My great aunt would probably buy the orange and green one in the back.


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