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10 February 2004
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Korea Life Blog - New Poll (7)

There's a new poll to vote on, a question I've been wondering about. Here's the results of the previous poll:

let's see who's reading...what are you?

100% korean 49 (22%)
gyopo in korea 9 (4%)
gyopo abroad 34 (15%)
currently a soldier in korea 5 (2%)
previously a soldier in korea 6 (2%)
currently an english teacher 27 (12%)
previously an english teacher 9 (4%)
thinking about teaching here 19 (8%)
other job in korea 12 (5%)
none of the above 48 (22%)

218 Total votes

I'm surprised so many native Koreans are reading. I guess you are curious as to how foreigners see your country. I get a lot of e-mails from gyopos born abroad thanking me for showing Korea to them with my blog. I'm also surprised there are so many "none of the above" votes. I didn't think anyone not connected to Korea would be reading. Thanks for voting everyone.


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